Stories of our clients are experiences of common, good and difficult moments.

Difficult, because process thinking is not a common practice, and the processes we analyze are heterogeneous and unobvious – always!

Good ones, because we seek solutions for every situation!

Initial situation

The company had an online store operating on the Polish market in magento technology and a network of stationary stores. It had warehouses in three locations in Poland. Products stored in them were resources shared between the mother company, daughter company and its stores. The technologies present in the group include: magento online store, an operator’s system from an external warehouse and a SAGE sales management system.

Actions taken

For the purpose of selling on the German market, an online store in the German version was created. The client has planned to launch the sales process by separating one warehouse near the western border (easier handling of the German market). And for the company affiliated with it, eBay and Amazon accounts were launched in order to start selling online also through marketplaces.

Our actions consisted of:

  1. preparation of descriptions of products in the English and German versions
  2. setting up and configuring eBay and Amazon accounts
  3. conducting a legal audit of an online store dedicated to the German market
  4. support at the launch of online auctions.

None of the recommendations has been introduced


  • daily update of states,
  • synchronization of inventory,
  • preparation of the all-year auction (permanent exposure),
  • introduction of a system for handling international online sales,
  • replacing the current system with an organic solution along with the development of sales, dedicated to international sales, serving the complexity of international sales processes and its multi-channeling (eBay, Amazon, online store, various couriers, warehouses in various places).


  • inventory was not synchronized, nor was it systematically updated (the update was based on communication),
  • an attempt was made to manage states based on storage resources in Poland and Germany,
  • the communication regarding the actions taken depended on e-mail and telephone contacts based on a shared Excel file with stock levels.

Tools and technologies used

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