(www.hwesta.eu and www.combat-wear.com), or how to grow in the company of Setup.pl

About the client

Łukasz Lodwich, Polish entrepreneur, producer and seller of outdoor clothing. The official distributor of the Helikon-Tex brand on the German market. He sells his products to European markets through online stores and marketplaces, using human and warehouse resources on the Polish side.

Initial situation

The customer contacted us while running business on the Polish market. The first step we have done together was the sales organization through an indirect - affiliate channel. The customer then distributed their products to sellers who offered them on eBay and Amazon.

Following actions

  1. Rental, equipment and organization of an office at the Polish-German border in Frankfurt (Oder) (near our branch).
  2. Registration of a sole proprietorship in Frankfurt. It took place without the need for the client to arrive (power of attorney).
  3. Setting up a bank account (a difficult task for people who do not have a private registration in Germany).
  4. Creation of descriptions optimized for SEO for 2,000 products by our translators (German and English).
  5. Ensuring full accounting.
  6. Launching logistics having regard to client’s cross-border value.
  7. Support when starting the Amazon FBA service.
  8. Securing the customer’s online store, eBay auctions and Amazon listings against legal errors (subscription of legal protection).
  9. Conducting audits, during which every legal aspect of the offer is checked.
  10. Access to legal texts and regulations in six languages ​​(often updated several times a month).
  11. Conducting consultations in the field of German law.


We advise and train clients from various fields of eCommerce in Germany

  1. Influencers: Youtube / Instagram – basics and help in establishing contacts,
  2. Troubleshooting eBay / Amazon – solving customer disputes or problems related to the daily servicing of sales accounts.
  3. Legal advice on topics regularly encountered, such as: consumer, internet or civil law.


The customer is an example of an entrepreneur who systematically “grows”, consciously streamlining the sales process. He benefits from the full portfolio of Setup.pl services (launching operations in Germany, content, legal advice, eBay and Amazon marketing, sales support and sales account support, problem solving). Currently, he has two online stores, an eBay and Amazon account and an FBA sales channel. Now we are discussing the sale at amazon.com.


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