Partnership is an element inscribed in the mission of our organization. We want to build scalable, growing businesses, but the basis of all processes taking place here are people and our business partners.


Who is the affiliate program aimed at?

We invite companies from the business environment who are interested in increasing the scale of their business. Become our partner in business! Our partners are: logistics companies, lawyers, companies operating in a similar range on the Polish market, agencies involved in the creation of online stores or storage systems, as well as business bloggers and advertising agencies.


What is the affiliate program?

It is a cooperation involving the comittment and exchange of contacts. This is sharing the costs of joint ventures and using the dropbox effect.

  1. Level 1

    Contact us

  2. Stage 2

    Give us your client

  3. Stage 3

    Receive in exchange (you or your client), free legal consultation of any one website or online auction

  4. Stage 4

    If you send a link recommending our services and a client from this link will order a service from us, you will receive a one-time cash prize

Benefits of cooperation

Mutual support

Common clients, joint ideas and undertakings. Support during the decision-making process.


Dropbox effect

When recommending us, you will be recommended and your commands will be rewarded.

Lead exchange

Tell us your contacts, we will pass on our clients. Let’s meet to establish a joint action plan.



We reward commitment and effort. Give us your client and we will offer you a free legal consultation or give you a cash reward.


We increase the range

We increase the range, we reach further. We meet new customers, industries and markets. Cooperation with us brings the same benefits.


We earn more

By establishing cooperation with us, you use the database of our contacts and opportunities. Our services complement each other. Together we can do more!



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