27-28 MARCH, 2020 | WROCŁAW

E-Commerce Conference
Silicon Valley of Marketplace Sales

Case studies on marketplace sales in Polands High-tech City of Wrocław


About the event

We invite you to a e-commerce conference which is unique and unprecedented! This is due to the fact that we offer our guests a CHANGE in the way such meetings function and how they perceive and think about marketplace business. The first change is related to the idea that we want to share - being an omnichannel seller has multiple benefits! The next innovation are the lectures which are only case studies. There is no theory, no sales of services and trainings .What's more, our guests have the opportunity to confront their ideas, experiences and doubts with people who create large and smaller e-businesses on a daily basis!



  1. Silicon Valley of marketplace sales – Anna Konopa
  2. Omnichannel sales technology – Carsten Brassel, Plentymarkets.eu
    “We love omnichannel”
  3. KPI in E-Commerce – Elżbieta Podlecka, Setup.pl
  4. The future of omnichannel – how to grow in an emerging marketplaces
    Case study – Łukasz Dybka, Morele.net
  5. The American market – can Omnichannel be the answer to the American Dream? – Dr. Sabina Klimek, Polish American Chamber of Commerce North East
  6. Amazon – fight against windmills? Private Label – an expensive sales channel?
    Moleo sp z o.o. about truths and half-truths about omnichannel sales.
  7. Tools for support from the EU budget for export activity of enterprises – Bartłomiej Muzykiewicz, President of MGDF sp. z o.o.
  8. Legal obligations of a seller in Germany and Poland – a Case Study – Händlerbund & Setup.pl
  9. How does an Amazon seller launch successfully on eBay? – Mark Steier
    The most important differences between both marketplaces and what is needed for a successful start?
  10. Listing versus Auction – Paweł Lach, Setup.pl
    Amazon SEO versus eBay SEO

 BEOMNI 2019 Recap


The benefits of "being OMNI"


This conference has a practical dimension. The floor is open to clients, not to stars and celebrities of the industry who sell their services and trainings.Here you will listen to stories of success, learn about difficulties and obstacles that those who deal on a daily basis with sales on eBay, Amazon and Rakuten encounter …



This is a unique place and time to exchange knowledge and experience but also to make new contacts, meet people who deal with sales on marketplaces like eBay or Amazon on a daily basis.





You will become a member of a community which, just like all of us, has its own “Everest” – sales on marketplaces. Join the community of owners, creators and eCommerce business creators who will be happy to share their experience.

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